Faith Rethink provides online courses for those navigating a faith transition because of challenges and concerns they have with their Christian faith, theological beliefs and spiritual practices.


Hi, I'm Peter Watts. After spending over twenty years serving, leading and participating in local Christian churches, I went through a major faith crisis which led to rethinking everything I once believed. As I explored the Christian faith from new angles and perspectives, I decided that no question was off limits and no concern unimportant. Although an often lonely journey, I was encouraged by a few friends and mentors who had experienced a similar crisis of faith. I also found support and hope in the writings and experiences of other Christian leaders, pastors and scholars who wrote about their own evolution of faith online and in books. I now devote my life to helping others navigate the difficult space between deconstructing and reconstructing their faith and learning to live the new normal from a place of hope and authenticity.

Peter got his Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies with an emphasis in pastoral ministry and his Master of Arts in Teaching with a focus in the Social Sciences.